Tarmac Driveway
Kilkenny City

In the spring of 2021, our team embarked on an exciting project aimed at enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a residential property by completely redesigning and reconstructing the driveway. The scope of the project included the removal of the existing grass, installation of curbs for flower beds, widening the entrance, and rebuilding a deteriorating pier, all culminating in the application of a sleek and durable new tarmacadam surface.

Project Planning and Design:

The project kicked off with meticulous planning and design discussions, taking into consideration the homeowner’s preferences, the architectural style of the house, and the surrounding landscape. The objective was not only to create a visually appealing driveway but also to ensure its longevity and functionality.

Excavation and Grass Removal:

The first phase of groundwork involved the excavation of the existing grass to make way for the new driveway. Our team utilized heavy machinery to efficiently remove the turf, creating a blank canvas for the upcoming transformations. Careful attention was paid to minimize disruption to the surrounding landscape.

Installing Curbs for Beds:

To add a touch of greenery and delineate the driveway area, we installed curbs to create designated flower beds along its borders. This not only added a decorative element but also served the practical purpose of preventing soil erosion and maintaining a clean and organized look.

Widening the Entrance:

Recognizing the need for improved accessibility and maneuverability, the entrance was widened to accommodate larger vehicles comfortably. This enhancement not only increased the functional aspect of the driveway but also contributed to the overall convenience of the property.

Rebuilding the Pier:

One of the challenges encountered during the project was the deteriorating condition of an existing pier. Recognizing its importance for both aesthetic and structural reasons, our team undertook the task of rebuilding the pier to restore its integrity and complement the overall design of the driveway.

Installation of New Tarmacadam:

The final and transformative step involved the application of a new tarmacadam surface. This not only provided a smooth and durable driving surface but also added a sleek and modern aesthetic to the property. The choice of tarmacadam was strategic, considering its resilience against weathering and the ability to withstand heavy vehicle traffic.


The driveway transformation project was a success, resulting in a visually appealing, functional, and durable entryway for the homeowners. The collaborative efforts of our team, from the initial design phase to the final touches, ensured that the project not only met but exceeded the expectations of the homeowners. This small-scale endeavor showcased the impact thoughtful design and meticulous execution can have on enhancing the overall curb appeal of a property.

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