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As Tarmacadam specialists in Kilkenny, we provide a professional service from an experienced team from start to finish

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Tarmacamdam Kilkenny

If you are looking for tarmacadam in Kilkenny, we can provide you with a top quality service from an experienced and professional team to customers all over County Kilenny and surrounding counties.
We supply only the best tarmacadam to ensure the end result lasts the test of time.

To ensure a quality finish, our groundworks team are an essential part of any project to ensure that the taramc is laid on a solid, well prepared surface. This preparation is key to ensure the tarmac lasts the test of time.

What is Tarmac?

Tarmacadam is a hard wearing material used for roads and driveways. It is made up of tar mixed with small stones. It is easy to work with when hot, but once cooled and set it is very hard wearing. It is easy to maintain and can last for over 25 years.

Cost of Tarmacadam in Kilkenny

The cost of Tarmacadam will depend on a number of factors. To get an understanding of the work that is involved in your project, please  contact us for a site visit and one of our team will visit you and survey the area. Important things to be consdiered when laying tarmac that can affect the price.

  • Current condition of area to be taramaced.
  • Materials to be removed.
  • Amount of ground works to be done.
  • Are their drainage issues that need to be dealt with.
  • Is their kerbing and blockwork required.
  • Provision of current services or future services.

Lifespan of Tarmacadam Kilkenny

Tarmacadam easily last for up to 25 years if cared for correctly. How long it last will depend on the use case and the weather conditions. Under heavy useage conditions the tarmacadam may require repair works after 10-12 years. 

Tarmac Maintenance Kilkenny

Generally tarmacadam requires very little maintenance. Especially when used in private driveways. It is important though to ensure that your tarmac is free from oil from your car as oil can breakdown the tar quicker that under normal conditions.

Tarmac resurfacing Kilkenny

The great thing about tarmac is that resurfacing can be done to give it a new lease of life. The cost of resurfacing is reduced as the ground work is done from the first time the tarmac was laid. 

Before taking on a resurfacing the job, we evaluate the need for repairs to the base to ensure that your get the maximum life out of your new tarmac surface

Our Kilkenny Tarmacadam Services

Tarmacadam Kilkenny

Callan Tarmacadam done an amazing job. I rang other places and none of them were as friendly as John and his team.

They had great advice and ideas about how to achieve maximum space for our place in Kilkenny City.

Kieran Kelly

Kilkenny City


Tarmacadam Driveways are our speciality. We love doing Tarmacadam driveways as they enhance the look and enperience of entering your home. Find our more about our driveway works on this page. 

tarmacadam kilkenny

Tarmacadam Repairs

We also specialise in tarmacadam repairs. Doing minor repairs to your tarmacadam is vital to ensure you extend the life of your tarmacadam.

On-going minor repairs can ensure that you are not faced with big bills to resurface your tarmac early. If your tarmac needs repair, please organise a site visit and one of our team will perform a site survey for you. 

Tarmacadam Repairs Kilkenny

Car Parks

Tarmacadam in carparks looks great and can enhacnce your business. It’s durable and  generally maintenace free. 

In addition to the tarmac we can also organise the painting of lines to your specification. 

Car Park Tarmacadam

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  • Professional service
  • Great Value
  • Done right the first time. 
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Our Kilkenny Tarmacadam Process

1. Site Visit

We begin all our projects with a site visit. With a site visit we evaluate the area recevied taramacadam. We listen to your ideas, identify any areas that need attention.

2. Quotation

Froom our site visit we cna priduce a detailed quotation for your project. 

3. Excavation

If requried, we excavate and remove any excess materials to provide the optimim sruface to proceed with kerbing, facilites andthe laying of tarmacadam. 

4. Kerbing

Kerbing, if required can be laid. 

5. Facilities

With every project we work on, we try and future proof it and make allowances for both current services and future services. 

6. Final Preparation

Before laying the tarmacadam, we do the final preparation to ensure that the final finish is of the highest quality. 

7. Tarmac Laying

This is the most exciting part of the project. Where the transformation occurs. 

8. Curing

Once the tarmac is laid, the tarmac then needs time to harden and cure. This is an important stage to ensure the finish is complete. 

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